Tel 01466 821034 (Cafe/Antiques)
Tel 07831 488240 (Antiques) 

Take a trip this weekend to the Cullen Antiques Centre and Salvage Yard "happenin place" on sunny Seafield Street - close to the best beach on the glorious Moray Coast 

Enjoy great coffee and homecooked treats while you log onto free wifi and tell your friends who you met and the treasures you found at Cullen Antiques Centre

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Some images below. 







Some  images from the Antiques Centre and Salvage Yard.




Call 07831 488240 if you need further info. 


A super Large Victorian Blond Chest of Drawers (sold). 

Text or Phone 07831 488240 if you need further info. 



Literally 100 of pieces of exciting Vintage Jewellery.

Within the Gallery Space their will also be a small selection of bespoke Furniture such as below..

A 29 1/2 lb Cast Salmon (Alan Allinson) caught in Norwegian  Waters set on an Oak Board with Silver Plaque.


A 16 3/4 lb cast Sea Trout ( Alan Allinson) caught in Norwegian Waters, and set on an Oak Back-Board with Silver Plaque.

An Victorian Oak Partner's desk with a modern Stainless Steel Top.

Antiques Centre Opening Hours.

Mon,Tues,Thurs, Fri,Sat 11am-4pm

 Closed on a Wednesday 

Sunday 12am-4pm


Mon-Sun 11am-4pm.

Closed on an Wednesday

Free Wi-Fi for Customers 

Come and have a Cuddle with the Resident Dalek.


Have your Picture taken with the Dalek (£1 which goes to a Local Charity)